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DELHAIZE + EdiPax : a solution for DELHAIZE Partners, the big and the small.
YES, DELHAIZE and EdiPax are proposing FREE EDI CONNECTIVITY (Secure WebDAV) for DELHAIZE business partners ... just join the community today !

EdiPax for DELHAIZE - Electronic Orders Solution

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The EdiPax for DELHAIZE is designed to fulfill the needs of all business partners of DELHAIZE, which already exchange or would like to start to exchange the ORDERS message with DELHAIZE.

We believe we do not have to stress out all the benefits resulting from exchanging the electronic form of ORDERS. The change from a paper order to the electronic one is like changing and old slow and unreliable car for a modern fast and dynamic supersonic airplane! And what is even more interesting - this change will also reduce your costs !!!

Just remember the delays, errors and misinterpretations resulting from a manual-processing of incoming paper orders and you must realize that going electronic means a great leap ahead.

Now, EdiPax, who is the principal provider of the new-generation EDI solution for DELHAIZE, prepared this proposal for you.

The solution offered to you by EdiPax has many advantages.

  • elimination of manual dataentry
  • increase of speed of data exchange
  • analytical tools
  • extremely fast Return on the Investment

The main idea of the solution was to eliminate the manual dataentry of the orders your company receives from DELHAIZE by an automated process of importing standard electronic data. We believe that only this would be a great relief for many companies. Though, our solution goes much further. We provide you with tools which allow you to analyse thoroughly the received data.

This process can be extremely important for the planning of your production, thus reducing your stocks and providing opportunity for further cost cutting.

Of course, the data, once imported and converted from the EDIFACT standard into a more comprehensive format, are ready to be stored, archived or exported in the company's Information System, such as SAP. Thanks to the technology used for the development of the application, users have the opportunity to read the data in the office applications they use everyday. Like that, they can easily read and analyse the data in MS Excel and prepare any individual chart they may wish.

An important aspect of the solution is that we support the Microsoft .Net technology and therefore, the data stored on a central server, can be accessed from virtually anywhere, for example through the company intranet or even from outside across the internet. We do not have to mention that security issues have been taken into account.

The EdiPax for DELHAIZE application is a tool which will give you an opportunity to realize significant savings:
a) due to the automation of the process of receiving the ORDERS data
b) because it provides tools for production planning.

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Browse, view, print
Analyze data
Connect through the web
Open data in MS Office
Export into SAP, BizTalk Server...
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