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       EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution

EdiPax for ETIS/Belgacom - NetEDI Solution in ASP mode- Join the community ....
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The EdiPax for ETIS is designed to fulfill the needs of all sizes and types of businesses which receive telecommunication invoices. The main idea of the solution was to eliminate the manual dataentry of the invoiced items by an automated process of importing standard electronic data. At the same time, the imported data are subject to thorough analyses which aim to find saving opportunities. Of course, the data, once imported and converted from the EDIFACT standard into a more comprehensive format, are ready to be stored, archived or exported in the company's Information System, such as SAP. Thanks to the technology used for the development of the application, users have the opportunity to read the data in the office applications they use everyday. Like that, they can easily read and analyse the data in MS Excel and prepare any individual chart they may wish.

Important part of the solution is that it supports the Microsoft .Net technology and therefore, the data stored on a central server, can be accessed from virtually anywhere, for example through the company intranet or even from outside across the internet. We do not have to mention that security issues have been taken into account.

The EdiPax for ETIS application is a tool which will give it's users an opportunity to realize significant savings on telecommunications:
a) because it automates the process of receiving the invoice data
b) because it provides good control over the spending of the company

Receive Electronic Data
Browse, view, print
Analyze data
Connect through the web
Open data in MS Office
Export into SAP, BizTalk Server...

The EdiPax for ETIS application is based on two key parts:

  • connectivity tools
  • EDIFACT convertor
  • Tools for the data analysis

The application can import EDIFACT INVOIC message according to the specifications of European Telecommunications Informatic Services (ETIS) which is being implemented as a standard in the telecommunication sector. ETIS has developed this standard as a subset of the UN EDIFACT INVOIC message. All customers of major European telecommunication providers will get the opportunity to receive their invoices for voice and data services through this electronic mean instead of sheets of paper.

This fact will open a wide spectrum of new opportunities for them. Not only that they will no longer be forced to input the invoice items manually in their information systems, but they will finally get much better control over their bills and will be able to make qualified decisions as for where to realize savings.

The EdiPax for ETIS application covers all the needs related to the introduction of this new electronic standard.

Companies, independently on their size or field of operation, will be able to:

  • Import EDIFACT invoices
  • Convert them into meaningful data
  • Search through this data
  • Browse and view different levels of detail
  • Store and Archive the data
  • Perform various analytical operations on them

And above all, they will be able to:

  • Save money on telecommunications

The offer provided by EdiPax is scaled for different types of users.

Light users can benefit from a totally free online application which allows them to receive, view and print received messages and also to display several basic reports and statistics. This limited version requires only installed free version of Microsoft Office Web Components and a free EdiPax license.

On the other hand, users who require deeper analytical tools, can purchase a professional version, which has besides the same functions as the basic one a strong analytical engine. Many standard reports, charts and tables are included. They should cover all the needs of most type of businesses. Besides this, there is a possibility to adapt these standard reports directly by the users and also to open the data in an Office application such as MS Excel to make some final touch ups, should these be desirable. This version requires the possession of a license of MS Access 2002 and the purchase of EdiPax for ETIS license.

EdiPax for ETIS provides an important source of data for the company Business Intelligence. All data can be exported into the company's main information system such as SAP through provided connectors.

Using this service will create immediate savings after eliminating the manual input, processing and storing the paper invoices. The accuracy of information is guaranteed as the frequent source of errors, manual dataentry, has been replaced by automated computer service. The statistics to analyze the bills are ready at hand on demand. In just a few moments, they are ready to be displayed or printed out. Also, the system has an integrated allocation logic which allows to distribute the costs according to various criteria, such as department, phone number, country or group of countries called, major customers...

Above all, the analytical tools integrated in the system should answer these questions:

  • Is the invoice address to me? Verification of the issuer and invoicee.
  • Were the services I am asked to pay for really delivered? Verify phone numbers, fixed fees.
  • Is it the correct invoice period? Has not this invoice been paid yet?
  • Are the total amounts correct?
  • Compare the amounts to last months or yearly average.
  • Check major amounts or frequently dialed numbers. Are the calls related to work or are they private calls?
  • Based on the knowledge gained, how to reduce the cost?

EdiPax for ETIS means automated and smooth process of importing electronic invoices into the company's information system, and transforming the electronic data into knowledge.


Connectivity - Utility

With the Pax Net Connect for ETIS, you can download messages from your pop3 server, decrypt content and acknowledge (reply to the message issuer). The messages will be saved on your local intranet.

Package Solutions

The following table describes the conditions of different licences.

Type of Licence Basic Standard Professional Server
Type of Business Small, medium companies, low volumes of EDI transactions Small and medium companies, low - medium volumes of EDI transactions, ambitions to benefit from EDI use in internal systems (accounting...) Medium, larger companies who use EDI in their critical processes. Understand and use the benefits of EDI. Bigger companies with many EDI transactions, have extensive transactions with their EDI and non-EDI business partners. Complex B2B Data Flow Management.
Integrated Applications Receive EDIFACT
Browse DATA
Print Data
Browse DATA
Allocation of costs
Link to MS Office
Browse DATA
Large Analytics
Advanced Allocation of costs
Link to MS Office
Automation of Data Flow Management
Browse DATA
Large Analytics
Advanced Allocation of costs
Link to MS Office
Advanced Automation of Data Flow Management
Receive XML
Convert XML
Send XML
Type of Access to Data Intranet through web-browser / Pop3 Intranet through web-browser / Pop3 Intranet through web-browser / Pop3 Intranet through web-browser / Pop3
Online Data Sharing no no yes yes
Automation of DataFlows no no, attended, user controlled process
Manual mode, NOT RECOMMENDED for more than 50-100 invoices/lines
yes, NT Service, unattended, automated yes, advanced,  Exchange, X.400
Unattended Mode no no yes yes
View/Browse/Print capabilities yes yes yes advanced functions
DATA Export no yes, txt, xml, mdb yes, txt, xml, mdb, SAP yes, txt, xml, mdb,  biztalk, custom, SAP
Limit of number of Invoices no yes no no
Analytical tools no 8 static reports
3 dynamic reports
3 charts
10 queries
3 cross query
10 static reports
6 dynamic reports
5 charts
20 queries
6 cross query
tools to create own ones
static reports
dynamic reports
cross queries
customized reports/analyses on demand
tools to create own ones
Supported Standards Belgacom Belgacom International, ETIS International, ETIS
Access to EdiPax online EDI resource center no no yes yes
EDI Support no no Ask EDI expert online service Ask EDI expert online service
Application Support no no yes yes - full - details in maintenance contract
Activation no Registration and payment necessary for unlocking the application after 2 months. More free of charge reports available. Registration and payment necessary for unlocking the application after 2 months. More free of charge reports available. Registration provided by the implementator.
Supported Data Connectors no no BizTalk Server, SAP BizTalk Server, SAP, customized on demand
Customizations no no yes - 5 queries, 5 reports, 3 cubes yes - full
Price of the Licence free of charge Promo price!!!
195 EURO
Availability, July 2002
2485 EURO
Support / Installation on site included - additional charge for SQL Server connectivity/installation
look for details

Additional services:

You can order customized reports, queries, cross-queries or charts. Contact us.


Example of EDIFACT raw data.

Browse/print your data

This is the working environment of the application - an easy to use Interface of the Internet Browser.

After importing the EDIFACT data, you can perform various operations. The most important operations on the data are already predefined. Others can be tailored to your specific demands. The screen below shows an example of a cost analyses by the type of provided Services. Like this you can immediately see where you should concentrate your saving efforts.

There are multiple analytical tools available, ranging from simple queries up to sophisticated cross-tables.

For better presentation, you can easily visualise your data.

Reports are an important part of the data presentation. You can view them on your screen or print them out. Bellow, there is an example of a standard report

Great advantage of this solution is that users can benefit from the online version of the application. Reports, analyses and charts are available through a web browser environment from any computer connected to the Internet or intranet so that the same data can be shared throughout the whole enterprise.

Even the Pivot Tables, which are powerful tools to analyse data through various criteria, can be shared through the Internet You can use the predefined Pivot Tables or adapt them exactly to your needs.

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