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Improve email productivity and security free of charge !
Demo of the EdiPaxEDE-v3 user environment.
Demo of the PaxEMS-v3 server (pop3 / smtp)

PaxServer v3

The new version of the EdiPax Server Solution - Pax Server v3 - Check out the great new features which fully support the Net Enterprise platform.

EdiPax opens a new section of the EdiPax Portal dedicated to webEDI - an easy and inexpensive way to exchange electronic data with your business partners.
Pax Net Connect
New product to support net-EDI by EdiPax. Server side and Client side.
Pax EDI Browser
Browse and print your EDI messages wherever you store them on your disk, your local network or on the Internet!
Support Center
A new Support Center was made available with the aim to enhance the quality of support provided to our customers.
Microsoft BizTalk Server We provide installations/consulting in MS BizTalk Server. We run BizTalk server as ASP.
Go MS Windows 2000 with EdiPax!

EdiPax professionals help you to migrate to MS Windows 2000.

providing convertors running under UNIX.
EdiPax for INTEL
EdiPax for AMD

Are you a supplier in the chip industry? You may be interested in our solution.
Solution for Delhaize and its business partners. BASIC version for FREE.
EdiPax for BRICO
Solution for BRICO International and its business partners. BASIC version for FREE.
EdiPax for BOPDIR
EDIFACT Clients for the banking sector.
EdiPax for ETIS
EDIFACT Clients and Servers for Electronic Invoice Solution.
PaxServer V3
The flagship of the Pax Software Family.
Pax Object Manager
Transfer files, EDI or mail messages securely over the Internet - "Smart Explorer"
Pax Encryptor
Secure the files/mails you send over the Internet "Pax Encryptor"
Application Purpose
EdiPax PRICAT - CDB Provide all sorts of companies with the possibility of receiving EDIFACT price catalogues.
EdiPax PRODAT Make available an online exchange of EDIFACT product catalogues.
EdiPax ORDERS, Despatch advice, .. Give access to a wide range of companies to the EDIFACT standard order message so that they can receive or even send orders with their EDI partners.
EdiPax BizTalk Server Connector Facilitate access to the premium services of the Microsoft BizTalk Server XML format at just a friction of price.
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