This site presents the concrete results of the EdiPax's concept of Pax Portal as a place where companies of all sizes should be able to find a solution to cover all their EDI needs. Gradually, it should consist of several applications which will be made available to the public. The wide range of products will include applications totally free of charge as well as complex server type of applications.
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EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - Pax-Net-Connect-for-ETIS - pop3 secure Utility - available
EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - Free module - available
EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - Standard version - coming soon!
EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - Professional - available
EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - PaxServer v3 Connector - email for more info!
EdiPax for ETIS - Electronic Invoice Solution - BizTalk Server Connector - email for more info!
EdiPax who has been in EDI business for over 12 years now (for details visit decided to launch this Pax Portal. The aim of the portal is to offer EDI solutions for virtually all sizes of companies - from small companies which need only small, read-only EDIFACT converter up to large enterprises doing thousands and thousands of EDI transactions every week which need sophisticated XML conversions of the BizTalk Server type.

We are proud to say, that we have solutions for all.

The solutions presented here are all EdiPax generic solutions based on internationally approved standards (UN EDIFACT, ETIS...) or de facto standards (BizTalk Server XML). They were designed as an alternative to expensive and difficult to implement EDI solutions. All standard functions which you would expect from an EDI software are included. And they do not limit themselves only for a simple data conversion! Not only that you can receive or send messages, you can easily browse them, print them out or archive them, but you can also benefit from tools for analysing the data - either directly in EdiPax software or you can, due to the compatibility with MS Office, read them for instance in MS Excel. If you use an enterprise information system, you know how the application integration is important. We are well aware of that and that is why we are ready to supply a set of connectors which will allow you to link your electronic data directly in your information system such as SAP.

Receive / Send Electronic Data
Browse, view, print
Analyze data
Connect through the web
Automate your EDI flows
Compatible with MS Office
Export into SAP, BizTalk...
Pick from 4 licence types

We prepared 1 utility and four different license policies and you can select the one which suits best your needs:

Utility - -   285  

  • Pop3 secure connection
  • Decryption in unattended mode and save content to intranet
  • create CONTRL message to acknowledge reception
  • NT, Win2000, XP in service mode with NT Management Console

(1) BASIC - free, download - try out - without risk

  • download invoices
  • browse invoices
  • print invoices
  • pop3 client

(2) STANDARD -  195 - Temporary PROMO price!!! Order today!

  • download invoices
  • browse invoices
  • analyse your invoices
  • analyse your invoices (basic reports available)
  • interactive charts, cross-tables and dynamic pivot tables
  • pop3 client
  • attended mode

(3) PROFESSIONAL - 1585 

  • SQL Server/Oracle connectivity
  • multi-users/stations
  • expert support
  • multi-standard (International edition)
  • on-site installation (charge outside offer)
  • export bridges (export your invoices to SAP, or your company specific format...)
  • pop3 client
  • unattended / NT Service mode
  • Option : Outlook connectivity (download and organise your messages)
  • Option : Multi-client(s) license (SQL Server or Access 2002) - - 250

(4) SERVER - more than a product - a strategic decision

  • Server License - standard edition - 4950
  • Server License - enterprise edition - 11450
  • MS BizTalk Server connector - 10250

Bookmark our site today and come back in the near future. There are more new surprises still waiting for you!

Your EdiPax Team

PS: We hope you did find this site useful and easy to use. Let us know what you think - drop us a line.

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