Are Server products too heavy for your needs? Is price critical for you? Do you have low volumes of data exchanges? We have a set of different types of client products ready for to satisfy your requirements.
 Pax Client v 3.0

Pax Client is an example of a light client, an easy to set-up and use tool which can, together with specific modules, fulfill virtually all the needs of a small and medium-sized company for EDI.

Our Pax Client software v3 can be installed on your remote workstation, or run directly from the Internet. Pax Client can be purchased stand-alone or in combination with the Pax Server. This software package is designed for small businesses, with low EDI volume, and not a lot of money to spend on EDI technology. It provides companies of this type with the same major EDI management abilities as users of the Pax Server.

 Additional Modules & Features  

This application allows the user to search, browse or edit EDI messages in either EDIFACT or the increasingly popular XML formats

Pax http Explorer

The Pax http Explorer enables the user to search and perform various other operations on http files either from their remote location or over the Internet. It contains features not included in a conventional web browsing tool. For instance a user is able to copy files to a remote server from any location. The Explorer can also be used as a private mailing system.


A powerful, easy-to-use searching tool that allows users with minimal EDI knowledge to search through EDIFACT messages according to specific criteria defined by the user

Pax Excel Connectivity

Another great tool for small companies with not a lot of money available to spend on EDI technology, but still wish to improve their transaction flow. Pax Excel Connectivity allows users to generate EDIFACT messages using Microsoft Excel. Easy to use and offered at a great price.


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