If you are unsure of the type of EDI technology you need, or even unsure if you need it at all, we invite you to consider our consulting services. An EDI specialist can answer your questions online, or arrange a meeting where the EDI potential of your organization is analyzed and results are presented to you.

 Consulting Services - Key Areas of Our Competency

Our staff ( Microsoft Certified Professional) will help you design and install this challenging environment (IPsec, IIS, Certificate Server,...)

Microsoft BizTalk Server - Go BizTalk with us!
We provide installation and consulting services for Microsoft BizTalk Server.
Also, our own solution, Pax Server V3 is designed with respect to the Microsoft BizTalk format. We supply BizTalk connectors, so even if you want to keep your own EDI software, you can communicate with a BizTalk compatible partner. We can run BizTalk Server for you as ASP which dramatically reduces your costs. For more information on BizTalk, send us an email.

Windows 2000 - Internet - Office 2000/XP
Our staff ( Microsoft Certified Professional) has an extensive expertize in Windows 2000, as well as other latest Microsoft technologies. We can help you to design and install this challenging environment (IPsec, IIS, Certificate Server,...). Contact us for more.

Supporting our Integrated Solutions
We support our EDI server with a comprehensive 24/7 maintenance service and WWW support.

WWW business transaction Back Office
We offer 24/7 Microsoft Site Server service and WWW support.

Providing X400 services through .Net Architecture
One of our aims is to provide solutions which are really cost-effective. Today, with secure Internet connections, we can supply solutions which optimize the telecom usage, and therefore, reduce significantly the telecommunication costs.

Our customers can then benefit from:

  • all the advantages of traditional X400 standard
  • lower telecommunication costs
  • direct-delivery - sending and receiving messages at high speed - increased frequency of interchanges
  • client side solutions can be totally free! - only the main partner's investment into the server is required

EDI related specific development
We offer EDI expertise and experience in developing large C/C++ projects on NT, Linux and Unix platforms.
Our EDI experienced staff will help you to initiate or boost your EDI message flow!
We will:

  • Define migration guides
  • Quick-start your EDI project
  • Design EDI flow project architecture
  • Install Microsoft Site Server
  • Use Interdev based solutions (IIS, ASP, DHTML)
  • We have our own EDI methodology and propose only EDI capable solutions.
  • We take the perspective that EDI messages are "objects", and thus take into account all meta-information contained in the EDI model.
 Migrating Towards Electronic Data Interchange - Our Knowledge

Going 100% EDI can present many challenging issues for your organisation:

  • installation of new telecommunication equipment
  • server registration
  • data back-up and replication
  • updating tables and parameter files
  • automatic data exchange between servers and applications
At Edipax we have years of experience with these processes and have optimized them in order to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Key Benefits And Capabilities

  • Security is a major concern - the WWW is crawling with hackers
  • High volume capacity - better service for your customers
  • Reduces your EDI related costs
  • Quick implementation
  • Secure operation

Higher Security

  • An HTML page that "substitutes" for another allows the program to be run on the host computer.
  • Marking directories as executable to allow a script to run on the host computer allows a program to do anything within the limits of the host computer's resource protection scheme.
  • Saving HTML in general introduces risk. HTML pages can contain embedded controls, scripts, applets, and other programs that can cause programs to run on a host computer. Form handlers can introduce a further risk, because users can submit HTML commands from within form fields, causing programs to be run when the page containing the form results is browsed. (FrontPage form handers do not allow this.)
High Service Availability
  • We offer several agreements at the service level, all include penalty clauses for lapses in quality of service.
  • We offer WWW site mirroring
Cost Saving Solution
  • Our unique back-office server products guarantee fast and efficient operation
  • No need to devote specific man-power
  • No need for specific telecommunication hardware
Faster to Implement
Just give us a few days to define the customer specific forms!

Secure Operation
We offer back-up service and will create CD's to store your sensitive information.



Are you Interested? We are convinced that we have a solution for you!
Do not hesitate and contact us at sales@edipax.com. All comments are welcomed.

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