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All our applications are Internet/intranet ready. The benefits for your company are many:

  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Cross-platform approach
  • Distribution of data and processing on distant servers - optimizing the workload
  • No need for special training
  • Intelligent web-based interface
  • Visualizing and editing EDI messages on WWW
  • Secure transaction replication through WWW and e-mail
 Electronic Document
Email is a critical application. With the "Pax Electronic Message Server" and the "EdiPax Electronic Document Extension" workstation application, you will share and route email through your organisation, organize the company many mail boxes, ... use the full power of the SOAP protocol to improve productivity.
Demo of the EdiPaxEDE-v3 user environment.
Demo of the PaxEMS-v3 server (pop3 / smtp)
 Pax Server v3

To check out the great new features which fully support the Net Enterprise platform, go to the server pages or send an email to the Pax Server v3 project manager.

 Pax Net Connect
Applications designed to support the net-EDI technology. For more information on net-EDI and how net-EDI can save you money, go to the Web EDI section of the Pax Portal.

Web Connect application allows you to access your data stored on remote servers.

This technology is typical for the Net Enterprise environment where data are distributed on remote servers.

Pax Net Connect Server

  • publish data on your server, let your business partner access their "mailboxes" securely over the Internet
  • extremely low maintenance
  • large data volumes
  • automated mode

Pax Net Connect Client

  • simple implementation - run 1 installation file, no complicated configuration!
  • connect immediately! - just press the START button!
  • secure connection to your "mailbox"

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 Pax EDI Browser

Among the applications designed to allow any company to start quickly with EDI, there is our Pax EDI Browser. This application provides the opportunity to view and print EDI messages stored virtually anywhere. You can access and view messages located on your hard drive as well as on your local network. But what is even more exciting, it is the possibility to browse messages that are kept on a remote Internet site.

Therefore, this is a perfect tool to be used with our net-EDI technology. For more information on net-EDI and how net-EDI can save you money, go to the Web EDI section of the Pax Portal.

Examples of an EDI Browser for BRICO International and for Delhaize.

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 Net Enterprise Utilities

The products that belong into this category, are designed to fulfill all the needs of a company entering the world of eCommerce.
The concept of .net enterprise is becoming a reality with our utilities. They should help you to facilitate the everyday actions you need to take when interacting with the Internet. These effectivity tools include team/task management software, secure email, communication tools...

 Pax Object Manager - Smart Explorer

Smart Explorer is a utility which allows you to transfer files between different environments. For instance, you can use it to copy files from WWW, FTP... to your local machine while using secure channels. Copying files to or from remote computers and data sources seems to you as easy as if you were working on your local disk.

There are two editions of the Smart Explorer - the client and the server. The client can be used to secure copying through WWW... The server edition has some additional feature, such as scheduled routing of files from HTTP to FTP etc. This planning agent allows you to automate and schedule the same regular operations you normally have to perform manually. Not only that you can specify times, days, number of repeating but you can also specify event upon which it should be run - for instance in combination with our EDI SW can process a message upon it's arrival.

 Pax Encryptor  

Simple-to-use and efficient tool to ensure the security of your data over the Internet.
Encrypt your files/messages/emails as you send them through the network.
Ask for more details.

 Pax Task  
Pax Task is a tool that allows you to plan tasks for the members of your team/organization. You can add or edit tasks, share them with your teammates and what is most important, you can access your data online.

Timesheet is a time-management software which belongs in the family of group work management tools. Employees can enter the corresponding data from any computer connected to the Internet. Timesheet allows you to view the performance of involved team members. You can see the amounts of hours spent working on each project which provides you a valuable feedback when you make an analysis of the profitability of projects.

 HTTP Mail  

Are you fed up with the limited space and advertising you get at the freemail servers?
But at the same time you would like to have access to your email addresses and mail messages independently even if you are away from your office computer?

If you answer yes, then HTTP Mail can be a perfect solution for you. This secure, private tool allows you to exchange text messages, but also files with your community. You can organize the people in the community according to roles and use these roles as recipients of your messages for example. Get instant information if the recipient of the mail you have just sent has already read it, with this system you have a delivery guarantee. Have your mailbox under your control. Do not be afraid of any volume limits

 Pax Meeting  

PaxMeeting is an ideal solution for organizing an online company meeting. The participants of this meeting can be scattered all over the planet. All they need is an Internet connection and the installation of the Pax Meeting.

This tool allows you to exchange written messages, but also to share data, and files. And what is important, the communication is lead in a secured mode, so that your data are safe.

PaxMeeting can be used not only for internal online communication but also for online customer support.


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