Your satisfaction is critical to us. EdiPax provides its clients with a variety of support methods based on the current situation so that we can choose the most appropriate way of reaching you.
 Support Center Now Online!!! - new - February 18, 2002

We are happy to announce that a new Support Center is available for our customers.

You can find there many resources related to EdiPax products, especially useful links, both internal and external service packs and hints how to troubleshoot.

Click here to visit the support center.

 Support at EdiPax

We, at EdiPax are well aware how important the efficient and effective support is.

The solutions we provide to our clients are often very critical to the success of their business. Therefore, any interruption in the service would be very painful.

This is why EdiPax is committed to providing a high-quality, instant online support to it's registered customers. We use all available technologies, varying from e-mail contact, instant messaging or NetMeeting troubleshooting (including screensharing and voice communication) up to a personal visit, if necessary. Do you want to become a registered EdiPax customer? Contact the support department.

 24/7 Pax Server Support  
Our servers are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to process your EDI messages. We support these servers with direct FTP access and our operators will respond to any problems instantaneously.

We also offer mirroring services, which means that your EDI message flow will be automatically redirected towards our servers if your own site should happen to fail.

Key Benefits

  • High Service availability
  • Cost Effective solution
  • Faster implementation


  • Our staff is highly trained and specializes in EDI
  • Since we own all intellectual property rights, the software if fully under our control. This means our development team will always be available to assist you.

WWW server activity tracing
The Pax EDI Server family includes a remote trace facility. When set on, the server will keep any information required to support quick and efficient remote support.

Quick Internet Mail support
On reception of Pax EDI server log files, the Pax Server support will repeat the failed operation on our support machine and send by e-mail a corrected or upgraded version of the failed module(s).

WWW server activity tracing
When authorized by system administrator, we can act directly on the user site server, replacing failing components.


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