EdiPax has a range of Server products ready for critical high-volume operations. Currently, the PaxServer already in its third version, is the top of its class. Contact us to get more information.
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 Release of EdiPax Server V3  

The new version of the EdiPax Server has been publicly released!

Next generation software built on solid grounds of over two years of development and testing and over 10 years of experience in the filed of B2B data exchange.

It is a breakthrough in the data flow management that has been used up to now. The totally distributed architecture enables to get data from various places (local PC, FTP, WWW...), process it on a local or remote computer and save them on another machine! All this through web interface. Net Enterprise in action!

But the EdiPax Server v3 is not the only product which belongs into the Pax Server Family v3.
Several other important products are proud members of the family:

  • Pax-Object-Archiver - create archives of your data files across local or remote networks
  • Pax-IIS-Extension - secure B2B over Internet - includes Pax-CA (certification authority) & Pax-IIS-Filter
  • Pax-Object-Manager - complex server product for managing data objects over networks - gateway
  • Pax-Object-Router - connect securely to remote sites - route (FTP, X.400...) & replicate files
  • Pax-Net-Connect - connect to the EdiPax net-EDI, get confirmation of message delivery
  • Pax-WWW-Digger - analyze your web traffic, extract knowledge from your www logs
 Pax Server v2.2

Our Pax Server v2.2 is ideal for large companies with high volumes of EDI transactions. Our server software can handle up to 10 EDI messages per second. The Pax Server converts the various EDI formats into messages that are readable for the end user. The server then processes these messages according to predefined business rules. This enhances the ability of your firm to manage its EDI transaction flow.

Our server can work in both UNIX and NT operating environments.

The Pax Server installation wizard allows server administrators with only a limited knowledge of EDI technology to define an unlimited number of EDI relations in a simple automated process. In addition, your programmers can specify message flow criteria and distribute data among several receiving applications. As mentioned earlier, the Pax Server can convert message formats, meaning messages can be converted to HTML files and distributed through the Internet or X400 mail system.

All transactions handled by the Pax Server can be replicated on our own backup server, this means your information is secure and the risk of data loss is eliminated.

We provide onsite installation and offer you support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pax Server 2.2 is compatible with earlier v 1.0, stay tuned for the soon to be announced release of v3.0 with many exciting new features.

 Pax Archiver  

The Pax Archiver can stand alone or be used in combination with the Pax Server. The Pax Archiver is a powerful application that enables the user to store, search for and organize EDI messages stored in a database. This tool is especially useful for managing EDI messages that need to be saved for tax related purposes. There is normally a 10 year period during which relevant messages need to be stored and made available to tax auditors upon request. The Pax Archiver makes this task much more manageable and saves your organization time and money at the same time.

But the possibilities of the Archiver go far beyond just browsing, storing and archiving EDI messages. It is a document management software which allows you to work with EDI messages located in remote areas exactly as if they were stored on your local machine. You can copy the messages virtually from anywhere! Thanks to the planning agent included in the application, you can set days, times, or events upon which a selected operation with your EDI messages should be performed. This is a powerful tool which allows you for example to check your mailbox for new EDI messages and copy them onto your computer in a selected folder.

 Large Scale EDI Deployment  

If you are a large company who exchanges high volumes of EDI messages with it's partners, we are sure that security, reliability, processing delay and operation costs are issues of extreme importance to you.

We can offer you our highly-reliable 24/7 solution based on transaction replication. Based on the methodology used, we can guarantee, virtually zero time delay in case of a service problem, such as hardware crash or telecommunication breakdown.
Our back-up plan ensures a time/cost minimum loss and no interruption of service.

We can provide you with a full service as an Application Service Provider (ASP). This leaves the care of your backup transactions to us. In real time, we will replicate every transaction you have on the production server and will automatically resume the service an error should happen. This solution guarantees you top reliability and security as the communication is lead only through secure channels.


Are you Interested? We are convinced that we have a solution for you!
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